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A little more about me:
I've been designing for humans in one way or another for most of my adult life.

After cutting my teeth in education, curriculum design, and training, I followed my heart into product design. I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at SonderMind, where I focus on the intake experience, helping clients to find a licensed therapist and start their journey to better mental health.

I have five years of experience working in the healthcare space, including from the insurance, patient, and provider sides of the system. My bag is digging into meaty, complex problems and then creating highly functional product experiences that stitch everything together seamlessly for the user.

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I also enjoy creating things not on a screen.

When not at my computer, I like to embroider and blockprint. I'm also learning botanical illustration through Denver Botanic Garden's School of Botanical Illustration. Check out some of my recent creations below.
The picture is a closeup of an embroidered oval-shaped medallion hanging from the rearview mirror of a car. The medallion says, "In Dolly we trust".A very cute brown and block dog is sitting in a yellow chair against a brick wall and has on a pink bandana. The bandana is embroidered with blue thread to form the words, "Road dog" in cursive. A sketchbook with a sketch of a leaf on it can be seen in the foreround. In the background, you can see the leaf depicted in the sketchbook.Here, we see the planning stages for a carved linoleum block along with the final linoeum block depicting a heart surrounded by clouds and arrows pointing at it. The planning pieces are a sketchbook with the design, as well as tracing paper with the refined design. Two drawing pencils and an eraser can be seen in the photo.A person's hand is holding a pink linoleum block with a design carved into it that contains a saguaro cactus, an eye, a flower, and on the opposite side, four hands. The design part of the block has been dyed blue by ink. In the background, there is lots of white snow on the ground.